Mix one part Texas fiddle, one part Tennessee banjo, a splash of guitar, stir it with a doghouse bass and you have a swingin’ cocktail for your ears known as the Urban Pioneers.
“Hillbilly Swing Music is true to the title, filled with fun ditties and infectious reels that reawaken the simple joy of primitive American string music in a way that is invigorating and fun, yet still enriching with intelligent turns and deceptively-smart songwriting.
Their fourth overall record...really is a step up in quality across the board from the trio, from the songwriting, to the production, to simply the audio grade of the recordings. It’s probably worthy of naming as their best record yet.
A former classically trained violinist and an enlisted man in the Navy take time from trapping feral hogs on their property in North Texas to play a few songs for you to help spin the troubles away. This is what old time primitive country is all about.”

Liz grew up in the small town of Breckenridge, Tx where she began playing violin at 3 years old. She began fiddling around 2010 and quickly became a household name of roots music fans. She is one of the most entertaining musicians to watch in the world today.

Jared lived all over the south growing up and claims Chattanooga,TN as his hometown. He joined the Navy at 18 and began playing music shortly after his enlistment was up. He cut his teeth playing the upright bass but taught himself to play banjo and hasn't stopped since.

Martin comes from Fort Worth, TX where he started out as a drummer and quickly learned to play upright bass. He is a jackhammer of a player beating the bass down to hold the rhythm.